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Law Firm​ and Notary Office


About Us

Yanay Looshi Law Firm is an Israeli law firm and Notary Office offering comprehensive legal counsel and focusing on China-Israel matters. The firm provides a wide variety of legal and notarial services across a broad range of sectors. Our practice includes mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments, commercial litigation, corporate law, intellectual property law, labor law and other commercial and civil law matters. 

Our vision is two-fold; on one hand we aim to provide Israeli clients with a unique professional service that is derived from a very close acquaintance with China, with the Chinese people and with the Chinese business culture and legal practice, backed by years of hands-on experience from within the Chinese legal arena, fluency in Chinese Mandarin as a professional working language and strong Chinese law related academic background. 

On the other hand, being an experienced Israeli law firm, together with our unique capabilities that are oriented towards China, enables us to provide our Chinese clients with an excellent service that is specifically designed to deeply understand their needs, interests and goals and to facilitate a tailor-made solution to any challenge they may encounter, to close cultural gaps and to surmount language barriers.

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